There are plenty of options you can use today when you can’t complete your assignments.  Writers and companies continuously offer their assistance with paper writing or editing. But, if you truly want to benefit from paying for academic help, you need to know which the best essay writing services available are.

10 Best Paper Writing Services in 2021

Rank Service Score Review
1 9.9
2 9.8
3 9.7
4 9.5
5 9.5
6 8.8
7 8.5
8 8.4
9 8.2
10 8.1

That being said, is the source of detailed, accurate, and realistic essay writing service reviews. We do not base our reviews on a company’s appearance, promises, or based on our gut. In fact, this site is guided by students’ opinions and experiences. The main step we take to write the reviews is to ask students to evaluate a company.

Essay Writing Service Reviews: Our Process

Essay Writing Service Reviews

Experience is the best proof of what a company is all about. spends a fair amount of time conducting our detailed evaluation on the website but in the end, it all comes down to experience. And on this website, you have both sides of it.

Firstly, you have our experience with the company. We’ll tell you in detail why we’ve rated a service the best essay writing service or the worst. But more importantly, we’ll ask your fellow students, people just like you who have ordered from the company in question before.

In the meantime, we take our time to do a thorough research of just about everything about the company. We’ll check their website to see how fast it loads, how well it’s organized, and whether or not it’s easy to navigate. On the website, we’ll read all the content and tell you how relevant it is, and whether or not the company shares details about their services and guarantees or something is vague and confusing.

Then, we’ll move onto checking the service list. Different companies have different sizes of service lists, different kinds of services, as well as different rules in terms of deadlines, quality, citation, and pages. You should know all this before you order your paper anywhere. The fact is that, when you find the best essay writing service, you should be able to get everything there without having to spend hours looking for another one.

The ideal service must also have good pricing, of course. After all, students don’t have a big budget to spend and even if you do, there’s no reason why you should spend a fortune on a paper. So, our next goal is to tell you how much a paper would cost you, whether or not you can make use of some discounts, and how affordable a service is.

During our research, we’ll, of course, reach out to the support. We might even do this just for the sake of it, to tell you what the support is like, or because we need some answers or assistance. Anyhow, we’ll let you know how that goes, too.

With so many steps we undertake, it is impossible to make a mistake regarding the companies we review.

How to Find a Trusted Best Essay Writing Service in USA

This is definitely not an easy endeavor. There are so many choices, it is stressful just to think about it. You’ve probably heard terrible stories about some companies from peers. In fact, when we ask students for testimonials about the companies we review, we often come across some bad and unexpected cases. This simply happens and the only way to prevent a scam service from tricking you to buy is to learn that it is a bad one in the first place.

  • How to find best essay writing service?

That being said, the best way to find a trusted company in the USA is to do what we do. You should check the reputation, the website, the services, the prices, and the support. This can take time and you can still be misled, which is why this website exists in the first place.

  • Which essay writing service is reliable?

It’s very simple. takes away all the burdens that come with evaluating a company and help you come up with the safest, most trusted solution.

  • What is the best essay writing service?

We can highlight such services as,,, read our detailed reviews to find out why students value these services so highly.

Is it Safe to Order from Best Paper Writing Services?

  • Is buying essays online safe?

Companies that are ranked as best on this website are the safest you can find in the USA. We’ve checked this personally, confirmed it with students who’ve used the company, and did a lot of digging into their websites and guarantees. In the end of our journey, we are certain about the companies we rate as the best companies.

  • How can a teacher know if you used an essay writing service?

In no way. If you use the top essay writing services that work only with professional writers and provide you with quality, non-plagiarized paper, your teacher will never know that you used essay writing services.

Is the use of these services a form of plagiarism? No, as plagiarism implies stealing someone else’s work and calling it one’s own. Top essay writing services are actually providing brand-new papers, no one else’s work is being stolen without consent.

Richard Gunderman, professor at Indiana University –

Who Stands Behind Top Essay Writing Services?

The essay companies reviewed on this website are mainly US-based. Some companies tend to use non-native writers, which is easy to catch when you get a paper or get through customers’ testimonials. After doing this, we always know which companies use native writers and which companies are scam services.

Thanks to reviews on, you can know who stands behind each reviewed service and what you can expect of them.

  • Are essay writing services worth it?

Definitely yes! According to a study provided by America’s Promised Alliance (chaired by Colin and Alma Powell), over 30% of students in the US failing to graduate high school. So it’s better to get professional help than lose out due to several failed papers.

Diana Oblinger, an author on said that higher education must move beyond the fear of what we have to lose with online technologies and new educational models. Different models serve different needs. For higher education to achieve its mission, we owe it to ourselves and society to use online technologies and services well and wisely. It can be a game changer.

Maybe it’s time to reinvent the entire educational system before we can continue blaming students for being ingenious

Dark Side of Higher Education –

Signs of Scam Essay Writing Service

In our journey of reviewing writing companies, we’ve come across many ways used to scam students, some more inventive than others. Companies keep finding new ways to convince people that they are the best despite their lack of quality employees or service. But basically, they use marketing tricks to make you believe that you’ve just found the ideal service.

The biggest red flag about a scam company is only great testimonials on their website. The first step you take should always be to check the testimonials outside the website and compare it. If the comparison doesn’t fit, it means that the company chose to lie about their reputation. That’s always a bad sign.

Another bad sign is low pricing. This is their most successful trick since, after all, students seek for the most affordable companies they can find. But if you think about it, when service charges prices that could never cover the expenses of hiring native writers with experience, you can’t expect great things of them. In every case so far, prices that are too low to be true are always a sign of a bad company.

There are plenty of other little details about companies that point out to their fraudulent marketing strategies. A company can be of average quality but present itself as the best bargain. Or, it can be an absolute scam and try to make you think that it’s the best one out there.

If you don’t want to lose your money, your grades, and your time, you should always check with us before you invest in a paper online. With the right service, this can be the best choice you ever make.

Best Essay Writing Service: Reddit & Yahoo Answers Recommends

Best Essay Writing Service Reddit Yahoo Answers

Based on testimonials from students who’ve used the companies we review, is able to give you a true rating of each one of them. We use recommendations from the most credible sources like Yahoo Answers and Reddit. Based on these, the best rated service at this moment is, a rating that we absolutely agree with after our evaluation. Following this company, the next best rated companies are and, both affordable services with native writers only.