The 5 paragraph essay stands out as a special structural writing type, one that has a really precise structure the author needs to respect at all costs. It does have to include a body of 4 paragraphs, one conclusion and the introduction:

  • The introduction offers writing background, will outline the main topic and will raise the interest of the reader. It also presents the thesis, a transition to the following paragraph and a quick glance at the point of view of the writer.
  • Paragraph one has to offer a really interesting and strong argument to the writer, all supported with the use of a very good example. We can say that the very first paragraph sentence has to be a structured topic sentence. The main paragraph needs to have a reference to the essay’s introduction, known as “reverse transitional hook”. The very last introduction sentence will be a transition that takes the reader to the following paragraph. Both the second and the 3rd paragraphs are similarly organized with good transitions found between them. The difference is found in argument value, one thing that needs to be growingly weaker as the essay progresses.
  • A summary is basically the concluding paragraph. It has to restate the main thesis and all the ideas that are supporting it. Remember that restatements need to be really powerful and should never just duplicate information mentioned above. Any conclusion has to be powerful because of the fact that it needs to influence an opinion or an idea.

There are various topics possible for the 5 paragraphs essay. There is no sphere knowledge that is definite. In the event that you are allowed to pick your very own topic, make sure that you have proper knowledge about it because it will offer you the possibility of staying focused on the structure instead of meaning aspects.

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