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    Some things about Academized turned out to be real, but many of them were not. By the end of this review, you’ll learn that not everything about the site is realistic and that some of the promises aren’t as real as they seem. The first impression with their website went really well even though we couldn’t find some details we needed right away (especially the ones regarding their guarantees). But, the thing that really raised a red flag was the academized reviews and the amount of negativity in them.

    You would have to look at academized reviews outside the website to realize this because their site only publishes positive reviews. Regardless of how they achieved this, whether by handpicking the testimonials or writing fake ones, this makes the company really untrustworthy. This is why we evaluated it in detail.

    Academized Services Overview

    This is one of the parts that went really well and gained the company some points with us. They have a big, full service list with just about anything that crossed our minds. We found essays there, dissertations and chapters, theses, research papers and reviews, as well as reports, projects, etc. It’s great to learn that a service has everything you might be needing, but only if they can back up their promises and deliver such variety.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    The prices are excellent. They aren’t the lowest, but they definitely fall into the cheap category. This is often a bad sign for us because up until now, we haven’t found a quality service that is willing to charge $12.99 per page, discounts excluded. When you add the discount, the price becomes too small to pay for a really qualified writer, so that’s where we got concerned about the quality.

    By typing ACADEMIZED15 in their discount code section, you get 15% off on the first order you make there. You need to sign up to do it and when you order it, you’re immediately added to their loyalty program. This means that you’ll proceed to get discounts as long as you’ve ordered a minimum of 15 papers. When the number reaches 100, the discount is 15% and lasts forever.

    The low price we mentioned as an example here applies to most papers like essays, reviews, and research papers. This price applies to high school level and it grows if you choose a higher level, which is natural. The interesting thing is that the highest quote for their longest deadline for such papers is $21.99 for doctoral level. In our experience, this is what high quality, reasonably priced companies charge for the lowest academic level.

    Academized Ordered Content Quality

    When you find a cheap service, it sounds amazing, so you might be wondering why we see this as a bad sign. The experience we had with them proves our point – the quality is not at all as they promise. turned out to be one of the companies that offer a lot at a really low price. As a result, the quality suffers, and so does their reputation. In our case, the research paper had over 40% plagiarism in it and was definitely not the work of a native English speaker. None of the two are acceptable, even with those low prices.

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    The delivery was not an issue for the order we made because it came in time. It was an issue for the revision we requested. They stood behind their promise of a free revision, but it took them one whole day to approve it. We had to spend an hour convincing the support that we need a revision. In fact, we even asked for a refund based on the amount of plagiarism and their guarantees, but weren’t granted one.

    The revision came three days later, which is pretty much disastrous for a student with a deadline. It wasn’t much improved except for the plagiarism.

    Academized Reviews – Bottom Line is a proof that a cheap service is not necessarily a good choice. This can be tempting, but if you take a short pause to check their reputation, you’ll realize that this service doesn’t have the tendency of hiring good writers. That equals bad papers and a risk of being left with plagiarized content to deliver in school, which is unacceptable.