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    Advanced Writers looks trustworthy to visitors. Their website is full of guarantees, promises, and services for all academic fields. Even the name advanced writers gave us a satisfactory feeling since after all, that is what all students expect when they pay someone to write a paper for them.

    However, we continued our search and came up with an endless list of bad Advanced Writers reviews. Except for the good Advancedwriters reviews on the website and a couple relatively good outside of it, we did not find an indication that people are really happy with this service.

    This is how our advanced writers review begun – without knowing whether or not this service is as reliable as it initially seemed to be.

    Advanced Writers Services Review

    When in doubt, we always start with WHAT the offers. One of the great things about this company is that their options are endless and described throughout many pages on the website. They have pages describing different services and pages describing disciplines. In other words, there is nothing you can’t order there – they have all papers that come to mind in their list.

    However, what you need does not have any effect on the price. It is a peculiar pricing system that we’ve seen in only few companies before. The prices do not depend on the paper kind or the discipline you need it written for. It only depends on number of pages, deadline, and academic level.

    AdvancedWriters Prices and Discounts Review

    High school and undergraduate students can choose a deadline that ranges between 4 hours and 14 days. Higher levels can order a month ahead, which is understandable. What was hard to understand was how the company offers to write a PhD paper of any kind within 4 hours?! This option is available to PhD students also, which concerns us a lot. What if a customer were to pick that option and order a dissertation in 4 hours?

    The prices at AdvancedWriters are more than acceptable – they are cheap. They don’t go as low as some other companies we have seen, but to us, that’s a good sign. When companies go overboard with reducing their rates, it usually means bad news about the quality.

    Still, this is a cheaper company than our high-rated choices. Their prices begin at $15 and range up to $29 if you order within 14 days. PhD students can pay the lowest price of $27 per page if they order a month ahead. Their option to order 4 hours ahead comes with a steep price of $75 per page, but that still doesn’t make it understandable.

    The first unfortunate thing about this website is that there aren’t any discounts mentioned anywhere on the website. No one has mentioned discounts in testimonials, so it is safe to assume that they never have special offers, either. It’s something that students definitely wouldn’t like, especially those who order often and can easily get loyalty program discounts in other companies.

    Advanced Writers Ordered Content Quality

    If we put the no-discount policy aside, this company still looks pretty attractive. Their prices are nice and resemble the rates that high-rated companies charge with added discounts. So, we decided to make our order to see about the quality.

    This is where things got tricky. We realized that the Advanced Writers has 3 types of writers – non-native (but advanced), top rated, and native writers. You have to pay extra for the second and third choice, which makes this company lose its point for being affordable. Unless you agree to pay 25% or 30% extra on top of the price of your order, you’ll be assigned a non-native writer.

    They say that these writers are advanced English writers, but our experience indicated otherwise. We checked this option seeing how it’s the only affordable solution offered here. The writer was obviously not a native, but he also wasn’t really fluent in the language. How do we know? We know by the endless mistakes and the content that was impossible to understand most of the time.

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    One more thing that we find to be wrong with the paper was the delivery. They delivered it in 12 hours later than we ordered and paid for.

    Advanced Writers Reviews – Bottom Line

    Unless you are prepared to spend a fortune on the extras offered here, it is a huge risk ordering from this company. Even if you pay extra 30% or more to get the best writers, we still can’t say that you’ll get high quality papers. AdvancedWriters is a low-rated service and even though it is an affordable one, we don’t believe that it’s a wise choice for your papers.