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    Over the years, has established trust with thousands of customers. They seem to have grown a lot since the beginning. The number of writers who work there now exceeds 500, with over four hundred PhD experts who work on the more complex papers.

    Their success is evident in the numerous positive reviews on and outside their website.  This made us very hopeful about this review and very expectant about the paper we ordered. If you want to learn how it all turned out read this best dissertation review.

    Bestdissertation Services Review

    Dissertations are the company’s most popular service. Ergo, their choice of a name. But, this doesn’t mean that dissertations are the only thing they offer here. Best Dissertation has a whole chunk of services in every possible academic subject or field. They offer dissertations to students of the upper levels, going up to PhD students. They also offer essays and research papers for these students and those of lower levels such as high school and college. All other papers are listed in their service and pricing page, and you should know that this list is what we consider to be a full paper writing service list.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    Prices on this website are dependent on many factors. They depend on the deadline, the number of pages, as well as the standard of quality. There aren’t separate prices for different academic levels here, but three quality standard options – standard, premium, and platinum. The first two apply to the lower academic levels, while the platinum is the most advanced option recommended for university and college students.

    When we read the best dissertation reviews, we learned that this is a finely priced company. It came as a surprise because most high rated companies like it have extravagant prices. But, students seem really happy with the prices here and after seeing them, we definitely agree.

    You shouldn’t expect something really low because after all, it’s one of the top essay writing services and they only work with non-native Master’s and PhD graduates. But, the prices are more than satisfactory and realistic. For example, the standard quality price for an essay within 10 days is $19.95. For premium quality, their most favoured option, the price is $21.95. Finally, for the platinum quality, the price is $23.95 per page.


    Discount Code

    These prices are accompanied by discounts. You can use the best dissertation discount code for 15% off on the first offer which was excellent in our case, and will probably be much appreciated in yours. Later on, you can make use of the loyalty program with 5% to 15% lifelong discounts, which starts with no less than your second order.

    Ordered Content Quality

    Everything is important about a company, but this is the crucial part. Bestdissertation has delivered one of the best tailored papers we’ve received so far, so bravo for their writers. The person who worked on our paper was definitely a qualified one and we rate the quality better than what most companies deliver even for higher levels and higher prices. We picked the premium quality and are 100% satisfied, so we cannot even anticipate what kind of work the platinum writers here do.

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    Best Dissertation Delivery

    Delivery was no issue in our case, and it doesn’t seem to have been an issue with other customers. There wasn’t anything that indicates otherwise, but it is also nice to know that they have a long-standing reputation for valid guarantees. These guarantees cover free revisions, which the agents even asked if we wanted to use without waiting for our reaction to the paper. We didn’t need that kind of service, but it’s definitely refreshing to hear that the option is voluntarily presented to their customers.

    BestDissertation Review – Bottom Line

    Finding a high quality writer is hard nowadays, but this service has managed to find hundreds of them. They seem to have a really good hiring system since their reputation is still really great. We’ve confirmed this with our order and the evaluation of the website, the reviews, and the support service. Now we can say without any doubts that this is one of the best places you can order your paper online. And thanks to their big list of services, this could be any paper that you come across when in school.