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    Nineteen years on the very competitive paper writing market is impressive. But, to keep a really good reputation for almost two decades is probably one of the best things we have heard since we started researching such companies. You’d think that they’ve exaggerated this on the homepage, but there are hundreds of Bestessay reviews online to confirm it.

    Judged by the fact that this service has more experience than most, it is definitely incredible that they’ve maintained such a reputation. Let’s proceed with the details.

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    Bestessay Services Review

    Some things about the Bestessay website could use improvement, but you can still access the key information, as well as some great samples. These demonstrate the exact type of quality you’d be getting here, so you might want to check them out if you are unsure.

    Speaking of services, they don’t have a separate page for these. You can see them in the price list and the order form. Despite the lack of a page, we’re sure that you’ll be really happy with the outcome. The list is full of services that include writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, completing projects, etc. They help with admissions, dissertations, essays and research papers, articles, reviews and reports, and what not. Their writers are willing to make your speeches and your presentations, edit what you have ready for school, and even do programming and projects like financial analysis and marketing plans.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    Best Essay does not set prices based on academic level, per se. They do it based on quality standards. There are three options to choose from: standard, premium, and platinum. But, before you choose just any of the three, you should check which standard fits which academic level. Naturally, the higher your academic level and your expectations and requirements, the higher the standard you need to choose.

    Regardless, the difference between the different standard options is minimal. Not to mention, this company is much better priced than we thought. We’ve come across some excellent companies with similar, some even slightly lower rates, but these are very rare on the market. All in all, the rates here are truly realistic for the quality and service delivered by the company.

    An essay of standard quality costs between $21.99 and $25.99 per page for a 10-day deadline. The price depends on the standard you pick, as well as the number of pages you need. If you choose a shorter deadline, the price will increase.

    The prices are the same for most papers, except for the tougher projects and the lengthy ones. For dissertations, you can order two months ahead to get the best prices. If you pick this deadline, you’ll give them time to write a great dissertation and can use the same price as you’d pay for an essay of standard level.

    There’s an even better part about the pricing. All customers here can use the discounts they offer, which kind of beats the purpose of the prices in the first place. This is good news since it means that the company is more affordable than we originally thought. They have the 15% off first-time customer offer. You can use this by marking the field that confirms that you’re a new customer there when you order. And if you are not a new customer, you get up to 15% discount on every order based on how many papers you’ve ordered since you signed up.

    Bestessay Ordered Content Quality

    Bestessay is truly an exceptional company. Essays are their most popular service, so that is what we ordered. We got one of premium quality because it seems to be their favourite option. The quality was really good. There weren’t mistakes, no plagiarism at all, and the writer did a great job with the formatting and the writing style.

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    Delivery is this company’s forte. They don’t seem to have any problems with this from what we could learn by reading testimonials. They didn’t miss the deadline with us either, so this confirmed what we’ve learned by this point.

    BestEssay Reviews – Bottom line

    Because customers’ experience is the key step in writing our reviews as well as our starting point, we were impressed with this service from the very beginning. After we did our research and evaluation, we have decided to rank it somewhere in the list of top services.