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    Visit site is a top rated company for academic papers and other services. We know this because before we unraveled the details about their pricing and services, we checked as many reviews as we could find online. It seems like they have been selling papers forever based on the dates of those reviews. Such popularity instantly answered our question is legit, but it also showed that this might just be a service that will take one of the highest places in our list.

    As it turned out, by the end of this review, the company remained equally impressive. Keep on reading to find out more about one of the best paper writing services in our list.

    Services Review

    In the beginning, College Paper had a limited number of writers and a limited number of customers. But, they have offered a myriad of services since forever, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. Even in the college-paper reviews that date over 10 years ago, we could find information about some unusual paper choices like programming assignments, lab reports, and even financial analysis.

    These aren’t as much unusual as they are uncommon with writing companies. The number of services that go beyond just essay writing and dissertation projects is small today, even though many decide to copy the big lists of prominent companies like this one.

    In the end, it all comes down to how the service handles writers and the big choice of papers. In that sense, College-Paper seems to be doing really well.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    There are plenty of choices for services, projects, and papers here and they all come at their specified cost. The usual papers like essays and research papers usually share the same pricing. The price is not determined by the academic level, but the quality levels created by this company. They have three of them: standard for the lowest academic levels, premium for the middle, and platinum for the highest level. It’s basically a quality measure that you should choose based on your level and difficulty of requirements.

    Knowing this, each paper can be ordered in a specified price range. For example, an essay within 10 days can cost $19.99, $22.99, or $25.99. This is the longest deadline for the more common, easier papers. For the really complex ones like admission papers and dissertations, the deadline options go up to 2 months. The pricing for these kinds of services starts at $21.99.

    You’ll probably agree that this pricing isn’t bad at all, especially if you’ve bought papers from other high-rated companies. Very few companies retain their realistic prices when they become popular, so it’s nice to know that this is one of them. What’s also nice is that you’ll probably always get a discount on these prices.


    Discount Code

    They have the College Paper discount code that takes 15% off the first order, and the loyalty program that lets you reach 15% to use on all future orders.

    Ordered Content Quality

    It’s the only consistent quality that can keep a service on the top for so many years, so we expected the great paper we got here. Our order was the confirmation of all those reviews we read. The writers here are educated, experience, and eloquent to write papers for students.

    We chose the second standard of quality, which is the premium quality. This is perfectly fitting for a low-level college student, but if you want something more complex or more advanced, you should choose the platinum quality to get their PhD writers to work on your order. The difference is not so big, so the paper shouldn’t cost much more.

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    We didn’t think that delivery will be an issue since nothing indicated that this could happen. And it wasn’t – the paper came hours before the deadline ended and the agents even informed us about the free revision program without us having to ask for it. We didn’t need it, but it is nice to know your options. Reviews – Bottom Line

    In the midst of all fraudulent, high and low cost companies with bad reputations, we finally came across one that’s worth every penny they charge. College Paper is established, old service with the biggest service list and exceptional writers. Their rates are very reasonable and accompanied by nice discounts.