Coursework is generally categorized as a work assigned to a student as an assessment of their knowledge in a particular course of study. The purpose of coursework is for instructors to gain a better insight as to how well a student can independently research a given topic and then write an analysis using a variety of different methods of research.

One of the more efficient ways to complete a coursework assignment is to begin with an outline. Developing an outline will not only provide you with a type of schedule for completing your paper, it will also enable you to narrow down the information you want to include. It will help structure your paper in sub sections where major points need to be covered –allowing your writing to flow in a logical and cohesive manner. Another important component to writing any type of coursework assignment will be the literature review of the topic at hand. The literature review should always be comprised of relevant information based on the research conclusions of other researchers, as well as the student’s own findings.

A well written coursework assignment introduction is paramount to its success. It should always communicate the purpose of the assignment along with relevance and scientific corroboration. It should also clearly state why the writer has chosen the topic or issue, define the writer’s objectives, and provide sources and research methods that were followed.

The ‘body’ of the coursework will be considered your presentation. This is where you will give a detailed account of the results. Typically the body of any academic paper consists of 3 paragraphs – in the case of coursework the first section will focus on the theoretical aspects of the topic. In this section, the practice and theory of the problem is discussed, along with a review of approaches to the topic’s specific study. The second paragraph should typically consist of weaknesses or shortcomings in the area of study and the third paragraph should be dedicated to the exploration and recommendations to address the topic in question.

Understandably, the conclusion of a coursework assignment should always summarize the entire purpose of the paper and never should it present new information. The conclusion should discuss your research findings and the conclusions that were drawn as a result of the information you obtained.

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