The formulate to determine an essay topic is by brainstorming a number of ideas related to the essay you are about to write. Out of the many choices realized, choose the most passionate to you. However, you should make sure that the topic chosen makes relevance to the targeted audience as well as to yourself. You can never be able to write about a certain topic if you are not truly interested in it. Remember, the quality of an essay and the entire writing process is highly dependent on its topic.

To be able to come up with a convincing Persuasive essay, you may have to consider a number of topics with elements to persuade. For instance, looking at a topic pertaining a student’s life, you can choose topics derived from school uniforms, homework loads, and even course regulations. Students are also affected by drug abuse issues, a factor from which you can derive themes like tobacco use, dangers of drinking, and benefits of staying drug free. Student’s sports life can also generate extra persuasive topics that can feature energy drinks, and benefits of sports among others.

Argumentative essays can be portrayed in controversial topics generated from themes such as taxation, media influences, changes that should be made within different processes, or technology independence. You could also argue about printing techniques, dangers of alcohol, the importance of gay rights as well as the problems associated with tuition costs in schools. Issues such as animals’ rights and herbal remedies, or legalization of marijuana can also be discussed in these essays.

Controversial essays are very interesting if discussed within the correct subjects. Developed topics for this kind of essays can include abortion, the Kyoto Accord, and the Iraq war. Discussing the general feeling of terrorism, immigration laws and refugee status can also enable the writer to bring forth a controversial feeling in an essay. Other topics can be developed from a stand on gay marriage, government bailouts, the European Union as well as freedom for speech.

There is another common category of essays known as compare/contrast essays. These types of essays are simply meant to bring out the feeling described in their name, that is, they should compare and contrast a feeling, a behavior, or a difference possessed by a group of people. When tackling such an essay, consider topics to do with family dynamics, child behavior and acquisition of knowledge, as well as gender differences. You can also compare and contrast discipline strategies, social classes and political views among other situations.

Write about bullying, diets, self-esteem, and peer pressure education when tackling cause/effect essays. Consider also themes on poverty, and education factors to highlight a feeling of ‘effect’ and ‘cause’ in your essay. Factors such as stress, unemployment, and recession possess these effects. They can therefore be discussed in your essays. In addition, when tackling a topic like this, you can consider topics on the impact of the invention of the Internet, slavery, world wars, etc.

For definition essays, tackle topics with some depth. Among the topics, you can consider can include sexism, racism, elitism, faith and privacy. You can also define censorship, dreams, abuse, chauvinism, and corruption just to mention but a few.

Narrative essays can include a series of sub-topics or simply the flow of events in an essay. Examples of topics can include from first love to a discovery of faith, loss of innocence, a memorable event, an important life lesson and so forth. A narrative is a story form where you can also consider writing something about how you survived a certain strategy; you lost something worth a treasure, or a change you would wish to make.

Describe a person, a favorite place, a memory, a scent, a house or a dream in a description essay. Other topics can utilize themes of nature, people, everyday’s events, learning processes, or feelings. For example, you can describe things that you love or hate most.

Problem/solution essays should give advice on a vast variety of topics including pollution, environment, debts, how to be successful, essay writing, etc.

Finally, classification essays should explain situations and events. For example, explain types of writing, diabetes, vegetarianism, gender, brands, and products in a classification essay. You can also classify interest groups, sports, team positions, social networks and institutions in a classification essay.