Essay writing is considered a short piece of creative work that generally argues, describes, clarifies or analyzes a subject or topic from the writer’s own point of view. Essay writing, for the most part, is assigned by instructors as a means of gaining a better insight to how well a student can approach a topic using critical thinking skills and research skills; and then articulate their argument, findings, and opinions on paper. A successful essay will always clearly state a problem or issue; include the analyzation of the problem and a summarization of the conclusions drawn.

One of the most critical elements to essay writing is choosing a topic. The best topics to write about are typically ones that the writer not only has knowledge about but is of interest as well. Another important element in effective essay writing is the manner in which your paper is structured. Essay writing typically follows the general rule of being comprised of an introduction, body, and conclusion yet, they are written in a more narrative tone; as the intent is to give the writer’s opinion or view on a particular subject rather than give a definitive answer to the question at hand. A well written and successful essay is always a reflection of the writer’s own thoughts, opinions, and feelings on a subject as opposed to focusing only on the research that was found.

The introduction to a well written essay should always clearly state your main idea. To ensure your essay is an effective one the writer will want to engage the reader and capture their interest immediately, enticing them to read on. This can be accomplished by the use of a shocking or interesting fact about the topic you have selected or with a humorous anecdote or quote. Whatever method you choose to grab the attention of your reader, you will want to spark some controversy so that the reader will know your intent and want to hear or learn more about what you have to say.

The body of an essay is generally divided into paragraphs – each part consisting of the relevant information you have gathered which supports your argument. Keeping your points in sequential order will enable your paper to flow in a logical manner. Your personal experiences and opinions can also be incorporated into these paragraphs, which will enhance the readability and interest for your audience.

The conclusion to your essay should briefly summarize your findings and results – substantiating your argument. New information should never be introduced in the conclusion but reiteration of your main points is expected. A well written and cohesive paper will always follow the writer’s main idea and conclude with a logical summary of the work-it should also follow all grammatical rules, be properly formatted and cited, and above all else, be interesting to read!

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