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    The quote of EssayHave tells you to relax because they have your back. This sounds confident, but after reading some really bad Essay Have reviews, we definitely could not let this slide. The company has built a bad reputation online and the fact that they’ve only published the good essay have reviews does not make them a trustworthy service. In fact, it is a really bad sign that would indicate that you cannot trust anything they say. This is why we did our own, personal research by ordering there too before we created this Essayhave review.

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    Essayhave Services Overview

    The Essayhave company makes more than just essays. In fact, they do more than the majority of services. They have a full list of them, including essays and dissertations, projects and papers for all academic level. We were really satisfied with this part of the essay have review because finding a service that has it all is refreshing and not so common. Of course, many companies today choose to copy the big lists of popular services even though they cannot deliver on everything. But, it’s definitely a thing worth some points. Our next step was to order and see if they can deliver the quality and versatility they promise.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    It always surprises us when the prices aren’t determined by the type of paper ordered. This is one of the companies with such pricing. Their rates are based on the urgency, academic level, and number of pages. Why is this a surprise? It’s a surprise because it means that you will pay the same for different papers. It cannot possibly be equally difficult or easy to write a dissertation as it is to write an essay or an article, right?

    We put this aside for the moment and focused on the actual prices. They are pretty good here, lower than we expected them to be, but still not as cheap as to indicate that it’s a scam company. If you order ahead, you can get a $15 price per page as the lowest quote for the lowest academic level. For the higher academic levels, there’s an option to order a month ahead for a price that ranges between $18 and $24 (for undergraduate and graduate level).

    Apparently, this service has a huge list but not a full range of academic levels as an option. There’s no option for PhD students to order here, which is strange seeing how they brag about their PhD writers.

    Here came our first disappointment – there aren’t any discounts in this service. None, literally. There isn’t a newcomers’ discount, not even a minor one. And, there isn’t a loyalty program, so you basically get no benefits if you order frequently from the same company. This is rare on the market and very inconvenient for customers.

    Essay Have Ordered Content Quality

    If we were to put the strange pricing criteria and the lack of discounts aside, good quality would convince us to give Essayhave a nice rating. But, this went downhill too, just like the testimonials indicated. The quality of content was similar to that of the lowest priced, low quality services. This company definitely picks its writers without much consideration. The amount of plagiarism is big and unacceptable, and the mistakes clearly show that their writers are not all native or experienced in writing papers.

    In our case, we found a total of 35 mistakes in a 3-page paper and 39% plagiarism in the same. Both are unacceptable, especially since they were combined with average quality, too poor for a graduate level and the fee they charged us.

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    This was probably the only thing that wasn’t an issue with our order. We have come across some comments that mention delayed deliveries, but they aren’t frequent. The bad things is that, none of those cases seem to have been resolved by the company.

    Essay Have Reviews – Bottom Line

    Ordering from this is a risky business, that is for sure. They have good prices, but no discounts, which doesn’t make them very attractive in the first place. To be more, they have many bad writers on board, which is evident by our experience and the numerous bad testimonials posted about them online.