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    Essay Supply is not a very popular brand even though its prices can get really low. This bidding service lets students choose a writer from a list of bidders and decide who will create their assignment. If all their writers are qualified, this is a good method. But, judged by what we read in Essaysupply reviews, things go wrong very often with customers’ orders made on this site.

    To confirm or deny these negative claims, we checked the website and ordered a paper. To learn what happened, read our Essaysupply review.

    EssaySupply Services Review

    This company supplies you with not only essays, but all sorts of other papers. They deliver research papers on every subject and for every level, as well as reports, reviews, presentations, and theses. When you scroll the services list, you’ll probably find what you have been looking for since it is rather long. Even if you don’t, you can still click on ‘other’ and see if anyone bids on your order.

    We got bids almost instantly, and quite a lot of them. Some writers were so vague about it that we thought they didn’t even go through the instructions. This is bad news since students seek for a qualified and experienced writer in a specific subject or field. Still, this part went good since Essay Supply has a vast service list and many writers who will bid on your order.

    Essay Supply Prices and Discounts Review

    There’s no way to present you with prices when you’re using a bidding company. This is one of the benefits of using such services – you get to choose what you’re prepared to pay for an order. You have to spend some valuable time going through bids, especially if you want to avoid making a mistake with choosing a writer. This is not a good option for busy students, but if you have the time, you can find really low prices at this website.

    Our price was $11 for a page for college level paper. This is really cheap. Most well rated companies don’t have such prices even with discounts added. The writers’ profile (available to you when they bid on your order) showed amazing qualifications. It is hard to believe that a writer with such background and comments from customers will charge so little.

    Ordered Content Quality

    The writer’s qualifications sounded too good to be true because they weren’t real. Unfortunately, we realized this the hard way – by receiving a paper of disastrous quality, full of many mistakes and plagiarism. There’s no chance that a native writer with an MA and years of experience could deliver such terrible work. This would mean that the profiles of writers are fake, and the service does not do background checks before hiring bidders.

    It pretty much means that when you order here, you can never know what you’ll get because you cannot trust the information provided with the bids. Our paper showed 34% plagiarism, had over 40 mistakes in 3 pages, and was of irreparable quality.

    Best Paper Writing Services Delivery

    The only thing that went not bad with our order was that it arrived in 2 hours after the deadline. But since it was unusable for many reasons and the quality made it impossible for us to edit the assignment, this was not really worth a point.

    We spoke to the support regarding this issue. Naturally, we provided them with the plagiarism report that clearly showed which source the writer used to copy the content from. He didn’t even bother to use several – all plagiarism came from a single site online. This can get any student in trouble.

    The support did not accept a revision request, not even for the copied part. They didn’t refund us despite the many issues that definitely should have resulted in a full refund. In fact, they became rude and unprofessional as soon as we explained our problem, just like all those testimonials from other customers said.

    Essay Supply Reviews – Bottom Line

    Bidding companies can only work if they carefully check the writers’ qualifications to make sure that customers can decide on a writer based on real information. Essaysupply might have cheap prices to offer, as well as a full service list. But, they have done terribly in ensuring the quality of their bidders. The support is really bad either. Basically, you have control over the pricing and who will write your paper, but there is no way to know if the writer is who he says he is, and there’s no guarantee to back you if things go wrong. This is why we most definitely don’t recommend this writing service.