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    EssayUSA is not a very popular service in the United States. The company has been working for many years now and yet, we had never heard of it before. We discovered the service through an ad on social media, and looking around its website convinced us to research for more information.

    The website is far from impressive. It lacks details about guarantees and services, and it has some strange statements like: ‘Standing on guard for your academic liberty’. What kind of motto is this, really?

    Once you read some Essayusa reviews, you will realize that the statements should be the last thing on your mind. This company is seriously unpopular with its audience. We read dozens of Essayusa reviews that contained complaints about everything from bad quality to delayed deliveries.

    Services Review

    Essay USA has many paper types they offer to customers. Some are common academic assignments, but some are a strange choice for and academic service. In the list, you’ll find wedding speeches and resume mixed within the essays and dissertations. This company strayed from the academic field with many of their offers. They have some products that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.

    But, the list also includes some really good options that aren’t so frequent right now. They have java programming and graphic design assignments for students who study these fields, as well as marketing and statistic projects, business plans, and biographies.

    In the case that there’s something they failed to include in the list (which is highly unlikely), they even have an option other where you can tell them your specific requirements.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    Things got really better until they got really bad. This part is probably the favourite for students. The pricing of this service is so low, most cheap companies don’t even come close in terms of affordability. We have seen some services that write papers at $9 per page for a two-week deadline, but we have never found one that writes the same paper at $19 per page for a 24-hour deadline!

    Their 24 deadline option is the shortest one you can order papers for but still, these prices are what some of our top-rated companies charge for two weeks. We consider those companies to be fairly price, which leaves this service in an entirely different cheap category. Unfortunately, their quality made it clear why the pricing is so low.

    Not that we expected it, but there aren’t discounts available. This always comes as a bit of disappointment if you plan to order frequently, but in this case, it is nothing serious considering those low rates.

    Ordered Content Quality

    At the moment when we received the content, all good impressions about this service vanished. There is a reason why they are willing to charge as little for content – they don’t really write it on their own!

    The person they gave our order to had spent a minimum amount of time on the order. How do we know this? Well, the scanner found 64% of plagiarism in a single essay paper. That is terrible and it means that they literally stole someone else’s work and charged us for it.

    The rest that was original was even worse, if that is possible. We couldn’t understand anything. The writer who did this paper was definitely not a native speaker. In fact, he probably had really poor knowledge of the English language.

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    That’s another issue that we experienced here. Not only did the writer throw some stolen content onto a page, did some poor writing and sent it to us without checking anything – but he delayed this. We don’t see how this is possible seeing how we gave them a week’s deadline and they didn’t even put much effort into the paper.

    Regardless, we were never refunded for the delay. We also never received a confirmation from the support regarding any free revisions. They said they’ll reach out in a couple of hours (we tried this three times), but the confirmation never came.

    EssayUSA Reviews – Bottom Line is one of the most disappointing companies we have paid to write a paper from us. If you skip the reputation check and move toward to checking the prices and services, you’ll find that they have amazing prices and a very big list. But, as soon as you receive a paper (if you’re lucky enough to even get it on time), you will realize that this service hires the worst writers. That’s how they’re able to charge so little. In the case where you find plagiarism, which is highly likely, expect no refunds or apologies.