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    We have seen companies that offer papers at prices close to nothing and others that promise to deliver more than they could ever accomplish. But so far, we have never seen a writing service that offers free essays to students. Well, when you hear about a company named, what else could you believe?

    But, don’t get your hopes up just yet. This is not a free website. There’s really nothing free about it. The page named free essays is actually a sample page. You can read their essays the same as any other papers online, but this doesn’t mean that you can use them. It’s still plagiarism and forbidden.

    It’s a frustrating statement and something that has obviously enraged many students. However, in addition to their promises of free papers, the company has disappointed many with the quality. So far, we have read dozens of reviews that spoke badly about the quality, the delivery, and the support service.

    If you want to find out what this service really offers, you should read our Free Essay Writer review.

    Services Review

    On this website, it does not matter what kind of paper you need – the pricing is the same. They don’t even tell you the exact word count per page. They say it is approximately 300 words, while some testimonials say that students have received as little as 200 words per page.

    To see what services are promised here, you have to open the order form. But, here is the problem – no matter what browser we used, we could not open the list named document type. It might be some bug that needs fixing but regardless, we had to reach out to the support for help.

    The support did our order start to finish because of this issue and after a day, they had fixed it. Then we could see the entire service offer. This is good – the company has a full service list with all papers included. They have the regulars like essays, homework, coursework, and research papers. But, they also have dissertations, admission papers, theses, presentations, projects, and assignments. It’s a good start if you don’t consider the bug with their service list.

    Prices Review

    Initially, when we saw 50% off all prices, we were really happy about this. However, it seems that this same offer exists for years now. It’s a marketing trick – that is what this service always charges the customers.

    The prices are good, maybe even better than the average. There are a couple of things that are peculiar about them, though. First of all – how come all their papers have the same price? It doesn’t matter what you need. All that matters is your deadline and your academic level.

    Secondly, their deadlines are really limited. The longest you can order an essay for is 8 and a dissertation is 8 days. You can order ahead, but this is the longest deadline they have prices for. So, don’t expect better rates if you go to the website and order months ahead, even for dissertations.

    Despite these things, the pricing is really good. The 8-day deadline costs $15 per page for high school, $18 per page for college and university, $20.50 per page for Masters and MBA, and $30 per page for PhD level. We are a bit disappointed with the PhD price (it’s higher than what many companies offer for the longest deadline), but still – it is for 8-day deadline only!

    For a company that said to hand out free essays at first, it is devastating to learn that they don’t even have discounts to add on the prices. What you see on the Prices page is what you pay. Sure, they’ve created their special 50% offer as a discount promotion, but we’ve already found out that it’s fake.

    Content Quality

    Here is where Freeessaywriter truly disappointed us. The paper we received here was exactly as other students explained theirs. It was copied, it was short (250 words per page) and it was of really bad quality.

    Best Essay Writing Service

    Customer Support

    We spoke to the support agents about this problem but even though one of them helped me order, they decided to avoid my angry requests for a refund and a revision. No support agent responded even though we tried to reach out to them four times in three days.

    Free Essay Writer Review – Bottom Line

    The poor choice of a name doesn’t leave much room to trust this company. It’s not a place to find free essay writers. It’s a place where they sell averagely priced papers of bad quality, and a place that has unprofessional support service. Despite their nice service list and the fine prices, we don’t see anything else worth praise about this service.