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    Many companies have cropped up to help students with the same, but not all of them are made equal. Some of them are just plain scams that students should steer clear of. In this Grademiners review, we take a look at the features of this writing company and determine whether it is worth your time and money.

    Grademiners First View

    As soon as you get to, you will find a well-developed and sophisticated website. All the important features of the site, such as quick-order, checking the price, guarantees, and discounts are found on the landing page itself. Grademiners does go all out to display its accomplishments, positive reviews, and why they claim their customers return. That may be a little on the presumptuous side but it doesn’t hurt anybody, especially since the layout of the site doesn’t tell us much except what the company wants us to show.

    All the services that they provide are neatly categorized in a drop-down menu and such is also the case with other important sections like price, guarantees, and the contact page. The company does a great job of ensuring that things are organized neatly for students to find them.

    Grade Miners Services Overview

    A major part of being a reliable website that students keep coming back to involves the availability of a wide variety of services. Let’s take a look at what Grade miners have to offer.

    • Essays
    • Assignments
    • Coursework
    • Research Paper
    • Dissertations
    • Term Paper
    • Thesis
    • Case Study
    • Book/Movie Report
    • Resume Writing
    • Proofreading and Editing
    • Rewriting

    Though the list is quite extensive, there are certain crucial aspects of a student’s workload that the company has missed out on. These include creative writing and MBA projects and assignments that are particular to specific fields. On top of that, one thing to note is that ‘Rewriting’ is also a part of the service provided. That is clearly something that waters down the whole professionalism of the page. If not discredit their professionalism, it does at least cast up some questions as to how the writers provide their services.

    Prices and Discounts Overview

    As mentioned, students can get the quoted price for their assignments right from the homepage. Even though this may be advantageous to some people, the lack of a complete ‘Price’ page does make itself felt. That means if you want to compare prices, you have to key in all the particulars again and again to get the prices.

    The lowest price is for a high-school essay with a 7-day deadline, at $11.31. This is only a couple of dollars more than the industry average and may be excused. But with every single page, the price goes up and you may end up paying much more than what you can afford. The highest price is for a 1-page Ph.D. thesis document with a 48-hour deadline, at $27.82. Now, this is something that may raise some eyebrows, not only because of the impossibility of the task but also the price that is charged for it, per page.

    Ordered Content Quality

    Now, let us get to the meat of the matter – the quality of the write ups. Grademiners prides itself on having some of the best writers (as is advertized on its page) and guarantees original writing and a money-back policy if the writer doesn’t follow the order details. Unfortunately, even with such hype, the writers do not meet the criteria of professionalism.

    As is corroborated from various Grademiners reviews, it is clear that the writers are not trained well. Either that or they just plain don’t care. When we ordered a College Economics paper with a 7-day deadline, we had clearly provided them all the instructions that they must follow. But not only did they not pay attention to the order details, but there was a blatant disregard for spelling and grammar, something we would never have expected given the Grademiners reviews that are there on the site itself.

    Grademiners Delivery

    The delivery system has been the thorn in Grade miners side. Our own Economics paper was delayed by 2 days. A student who was in urgent need of the paper would have been given an F for handing in so late. With such delays, how can anyone write a positive Grademiners review, considering how much they charge?


    All in all, even though Grademiners have invested heavily in how they come across on the first look, they ought to really deliberate on how they can improve their write-up quality and their delivery system. Students cannot expect to pay such exorbitant prices for their assignments only to find out that they have to settle for anything less than an A. Not only is it wasting money, but it also puts added pressure on them when they have to make up for it.

    Given the things that we have found out through our Grademiners review, we cannot recommend this company to any student from any academic level. Students are much better off taking their money elsewhere to get what they deserve.

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