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    We have checked and read about many companies, but never about Masterpapers. When it popped as an ad on social media, we’ve decided to take a look at what the company offers. It’s your regular paper writing service with similar guarantees and a big service list. But, there’s very little about it online which would mean that it doesn’t have many customers. And the things that are written about it online are mostly negative, which marked a really bad start for our Masterpapers review here.

    Masterpapers Services Review

    From writing to formatting papers, Masterpapers offers every possible service students could ask for. But, as people who’ve checked their fair share of services, we know that this is just one piece of the puzzle, probably the least relevant of them all. It’s essential to know that you can order everything from a trustworthy service, but only as long as the service is affordable and offers good quality. This company is only one of the two, which is a big disappointment.

    Prices and Discounts Review

    The prices aren’t very low, but they fall into the low category. You can find papers here at $15 per page, which is an excellent price, much more affordable than most of the reliable companies. But, we did notice that their prices grow very rapidly as the academic level goes higher, which is unusual for these companies. Usually, there is a difference, but not as grand as it is here.

    For example, the essay you order for high school that costs $15 per page would cost $26 for PhD level, and this is for their longest deadline available. Interestingly, the same prices apply for most papers.

    In fact, the cheapest rates i.e. the ones that make people believe that this is a cheap company apply only to high school level with a 20-days deadline. This is an unusual offer because high school students don’t get such long deadlines, so probably no one picks their cheap options.

    Discounts are an enigma here. The only thing we found out about is the newcomers’ discount of 15%, but you should know about it beforehand and ask for it before you order. Otherwise, you’ll be charged the full price, as some students say. Other discounts are not mentioned on the website or in testimonials, so it is safe to assume that there’s no loyalty program for those who are regulars here.

    Masterpapers Ordered Content Quality has obviously lied about a lot of things on their website. Their reputation precedes them, especially in terms of quality. The quality here is outrageous and definitely not worth the cost. When we figured out that the prices aren’t as affordable as they seem, we were a bit disappointed. But when we received the actual product from one of their writers, we were furious.

    This service doesn’t seem to have a good system for hiring writers. The quality of the paper we received was below average even though we paid a price for a top-notch paper. The mistakes were numerous and there was a great deal of plagiarism. To be exact, there were 28 mistakes in the paper and 45% of plagiarism, which means that they’ve copied almost half from other papers.

    More precisely, they’ve copied from two sources that we easily found online. We thought that this would be enough to grant us an immediate refund and we pointed it out to the agents, backed by the sources that were obviously the originals. Unfortunately, they never backed their guarantees.

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    The paper we received came on time, but it was worthless. No student could possibly submit a half-plagiarized paper without getting into trouble with professors. And since we never got our refund or even a free revision, this means that the company took our money without providing anything real in return.

    MasterPapers Review – Bottom line

    MasterPapers is a master in hiding details about their reputation and making it seem like they have really good prices. But if you look closer, this company has many flaws. On top of the higher prices and no loyalty discounts issue, we found that their quality is really bad. Without a good support service and valid guarantees, you cannot possibly order from this company without risking a lot.