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    On the page where the order process is being described, Papersowl says that you can ‘order a custom essay in four easy steps’.  It all sounds very simple, but the truth is that this service asks you to choose your own writer. This is far from simple and it can be really time-consuming if you want to make sure that you made the right choice.

    But, before we dive into the order process and quality, we have to answer an important question: is paper owl legit? This is a question we’ve been asking since we read some of the numerous bad paperowl reviews that roam the Web. The PapersOwl website looks simple to use and promising and yet – there are simply too many bad papers owl reviews to ignore.

    We checked the service by ordering and we can tell you one thing now that we finished our papersowl review research – the company is legit, but not trustworthy. This means that you’ll get a paper from the writer you pick, that is guaranteed, but in what condition and how, that’s debatable. Keep reading.

    PapersOwl Services Review

    The page called Services lists only six choices:

    • Essay writing
    • Research paper writing
    • Term paper writing
    • Dissertation writing
    • Thesis writing
    • Editing

    However, just like any other bidding service, this one also offers everything you can think of. They cannot guarantee that you’ll like the bids or the writer, but they let you choose an option other and demand for whatever you need for school from the writers who work there.

    These kinds of services come with the downside that you can never know who and how many writers will bid. But, it comes with the upside of choosing what price you’ll pay, which is why you’ll like the following part.

    PapersOwl Prices and Discounts Overview

    We should inform you not to expect discounts from PapersOwl right away – the bidding system allows for none. This is expected and common with bidding companies. It’s not at all disappointing, especially not since the bidders here are known to offer ridiculously cheap prices.

    There is no limitation as to how low or high the bidders can go. But in our experience, they all went toward cheap. We received bids that students only dream of, but quotes of less than $10 or $9 per page are also a sign that something is seriously wrong. What writer would offer to write a college paper within days for $7 per page, really?

    Most students would jump at the opportunity to get one of these rates, which is probably how this service convinces most people to buy there. But before you do this, you should read the next part of this review.

    Ordered Content Quality

    At this point, we already knew that Papersowl deserves no points in terms of content quality. Their writers’ profiles even look fake. Most people who bid don’t show their full name and apparently, most of the employees here are professors?!

    Not to mention, it seemed like all bidders had only 5-stars from their customers while we read horrible comments about the service outside of the website. Because of this, we took our time when we were trying to choose a bidder. Still, we made a mistake.

    The bidder was not as cheap as most of them were, but she had the best qualifications in the list. She looked ideal – with many happy customers and a great rating. However, when we received the paper, we realized that her profile was absolutely faked – this person was not half as qualified as a top writer should be.

    She made so many mistakes, it made it evident that she isn’t a native English speaker. She also included some plagiarism that the support decided to avoid when we asked for a revision. The quality was worse than we expected and the price we paid was definitely not a bargain in this case.

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    The paper quality was a big disaster, but the writer almost keeps proper hours. This was unfortunate in our case because according to their support, you can only get a refund if they miss your deadline.

    Bottom Line

    After ordering from this service, we ended up with a no-good paper and no solution from the customer support. The bidding system can be marvelous for students on a budget, but only if the company is cautious about who they hire. This service doesn’t even seem to check their writers’ profiles and qualifications. The bidder we selected could not possibly have had the credentials presented on her profile on this website.