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    RushEssay is excellent with deadlines and obviously – they aren’t ashamed to let that out. They’ve picked an ideal name for themselves. It’s probably the hardest thing to write a paper in three hours and do it well, so this is quite the accomplishment. Based on every single RushEssay review we read up until this point, the service has never missed a deadline, no matter how rushed it is.

    That is not all. By the end of this Rush Essay review, you will learn many impressive things about the service and understand why it has such a high rating on our best essay writing service list. This is a rarity on our website, so let’s get started.

    Rushessay Services Review

    The service list at is almost endless. There is everything there. They start with essays, which is obvious by the name choice, and move on to research papers, term papers, theses, and dissertations. To be more, you can find a variety of projects here like reports and reviews, presentations, statistic projects, math problems, etc. It is a list tailored for students of all levels and it even includes admission papers to help you get enrolled in the school of your choice.

    Rushessay Prices and Discounts Overview

    Prices are good at Rushessay, though they aren’t really cheap. You could say that RushEssay charges a realistic quote but if they didn’t have discounts, not many would be able to afford it. Thankfully they do, and rather generous ones. Those who are new to the company are given 15% off, which is amazing. But the most amazing and most unique thing we found on the website is that their loyalty program is the common one, yet perfectly tweaked. You get discounts based on your accumulated orders, but these don’t just go up to 15%. The highest discount you can reach is 17% off and it’s a lifelong option.


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    If you want to know a bit about the prices, we can give you some examples. An essay in this company costs between $20.99 and $29.99 if you order it in 10 days. The price depends on the academic level with high school being the lowest and PhD being the highest.

    Prices grow as the deadlines creep nearer, so you definitely want to order ahead here. The good thing is that if by any case you forget about a paper, you can order it just 3 hours before the deadline. This kind of option is really rare in this market today and most who offer it have a bad delivery reputation.

    Ordered Content Quality

    Since we were evaluating a company that uses rush in their name, we wanted to see what would happen if we ordered a really urgent paper. So, we ordered an essay within 3 hours only. It cost a lot because of the deadline, so that 15% discount was highly appreciated.

    The writers seem to have joined forces immediately and we got the paper ready to be submitted just 2 hours and 50 minutes later. It was much better than anything we have received from many other companies, even ones we have ordered within days, not hours.

    The paper had two mistakes in it, so they definitely edited it before sending it to us. It was perfectly researched which even made us wonder how they made it in such a short time. So, we checked for plagiarism in case they’ve copied something in the rush. But, even the plagiarism scanner came up with nothing. This is a really fast service.

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    Delivery doesn’t seem to be a recurring or even an existing issue here, at least not in all the reviews we read about them. Our order only proved that they can rush papers and still deliver quality, which shows that this company is deserving of its reputation.

    RushEssay Review – Bottom Line

    After checking dozens of companies with great promises and being failed numerous times, we have finally found one that we’d trust completely with any future paper. This service is proven to be a reliable paper writing company. Their prices are realistic and much improved with great discounts. The quality of our order was excellent even though we gave them only hours to complete it. It seems like we could not find anything wrong with the service, so we recommend it without any doubts.