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    The name SpeedyPaper probably gives students a certain amount of confidence in this service. After all, a company that explicitly promises to write papers fast for you is a good choice for when you need assignments last-minute. However, the thing that was more important to us at this point was to determine the answer to the following question: is Speedy Paper legit?

    The website would indicate the answer to be yes. In fact, the website information and all of the Speedy Paper reviews on it will tell you that this is the best company there is. However, the Speedy Paper reviews that are not on this website tell an entirely different story.

    Which is the real story? We’ll tell you this important answer by the end of this Speedypaper review.

    SpeedyPaper Services Review

    The many services by SpeedyPaper are split into four categories:

    • Writing from scratch (includes every written paper or project such as essays, dissertations, and term papers);
    • Editing/ Proofreading
    • Problem solving
    • Grading/ Marking
    • Paraphrasing and Rewriting

    You probably find the fourth category to be a bit peculiar. We did, too. We couldn’t stop but wonder what this category is about so we asked the support agents to explain. Apparently, you can pay money to get them to grade a paper you have written. It makes no sense since they cannot possibly know how your professor would grade it. This service is also aimed to help professors who don’t have the time to grade and mark papers.

    So, it’s both a student and an instructor service, which is really weird seeing how professors don’t really praise the action of ordering papers online.

    SpeedyPaper Prices and Discounts Review

    Students would probably go crazy over this part – speedypaper is exceptionally cheap! Their prices are below $10 per page. This is not something rare today because many companies have such prices, but we have still not found one with good quality that has such rates.

    To us, that’s understandable. SpeedyPaper.com will offer you a paper at $9 per page. Add their 11% discount for newcomers and this price is getting even lower! Such a price cannot be enough for the service to pay a great writer that they promise to employ and earn money in the process.

    Their PhD papers cost $19 per page without the added discount. To our bigger surprise, the 11% off isn’t even the only special offer. This is the long-standing one, yes, but they constantly have discounts on their discount page for everyone. This page lists discounts of 15% at times, which is really unexpected for an otherwise cheap service.

    Ordered Content Quality

    This part interested us the most after we realized how cheap this service is. This is one of the lowest-priced companies and unfortunately – it is also one of the lowest-rated. The quality is very similar to what we’ve received from other cheap companies like this one. After we received our order, it was evident that they use cheap rates to reel customers in.

    What was wrong with the paper, you might ask?

    The answer is – everything. It was 42% plagiarized, which was shocking. The author took a single source and used it to write the paper. As soon as the plagiarism scanner took us to the page, we realized that our paper was entirely copied from there – with the bibliography, too.

    The writer worked a bit on rewriting the content, which is why the scanner did not show 100% plagiarism. But, he didn’t do a great job, especially since the bibliography was absolutely the same from the original source. He obviously wanted to show that he invested a lot of time in research, which backfired and gave us a proof that we deserve a refund based on their guarantees.

    But, guess what? We never did get that refund. When we told the support what happened, they decided not to respond to our messages – ever again!

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    Well, the only good thing about the order was that it came almost on time. But, what good does this bring if the paper is extremely bad?

    Speedy Paper Reviews – Bottom Line

    This service might be speedy and deliver papers on time, but unless you want to get low-quality, stolen content from online websites, you should stay away from it. The extremely low prices can be enticing, but you get really bad, unfixable quality in return. After all, we’ve experienced here, including our contact with the customer support, we cannot give this service any recommendations.