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A thesis paper is considered one of the most important papers a student will ever have to write. It is the final ‘step’ at the conclusion of your academic career and is a requirement in obtaining your hard earned degree. A thesis additionally can be assigned to graduate or undergraduate students during the course of a semester. Despite the intent and academic level for writing a thesis, it should always adhere to the highest academic standards, be properly written, and serve as evidence you have mastery in your field of study.

Thesis writing is comprised of many components and if written properly will ensure your paper is a successful one. These components- a thesis statement, an introduction, the body, and the conclusion should all be clearly defined and written in the proper order. Often, students will draft an outline for their thesis which makes the final writing process much easier to accomplish.

The introduction to your thesis should always include a thesis statement which is comprised of one sentence and is considered the main idea or purpose for writing your paper. The entire introduction is typically a short paragraph of no more than 3 or 4 sentences which provides relevant information on what the writer intends to prove during the course of their paper.

The Body of your thesis paper will naturally follow the introduction and will consist of 3-5 separate paragraphs. Generally speaking, undergraduate thesis papers will have 3 paragraphs while a graduate thesis will typically include at least 5 paragraphs. Regardless of the academic level, each paragraph should always introduce new and specific information relevant to your findings which will support the main idea of your paper.

The conclusion of a thesis, or any academic paper, will always come at the end of your paper. The conclusion should be relevant and to the point summarizing the intent of the paper and what conclusions can be drawn as a result of the evidence that was presented within the body of the writer’s work. An important aspect to remember while writing a thesis paper is that it should be written in the third person- even when the writer is writing about his or her own conclusions.

It will also be important to remember that although many educational institutions refer to this academic paper as reference paper, theses have distinct differences to merely writing a reference or research paper. The distinction will lie on whether this paper is assigned to a student as the final paper for a graduate degree or it is assigned as part of an undergraduate or graduate course. Additionally, thesis papers assigned as a requirement for obtaining a Doctoral degree will only be assigned this one paper over the course of his or her academic career.

These types of papers understandably are much more time consuming-written over the course of many months because of the comprehensive research and writing involved and necessary to complete one.

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